Devin Montreuil

Devin Montreuil spent much of his career in the tech industry, representing and managing the global distribution of technical products that fuel the world’s innovation in smart systems. Despite his ties to the tech industry, he was able to mobilize his knowledge, skill and passion for residential home construction through the design, planning and execution of his own luxury, home building projects.

After spending more than a decade in the industry, Devin decided it was time for a change and founded a real estate capital investment company that now owns and manages properties throughout Ontario. Today, Devin has partnered with Hard at Work to spearhead the renovation side of the company and now manages a multimillion dollar portfolio. Devin is highly knowledgeable, friendly and values efficiency, quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction.

Our Team

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Peter McCarthy


Vince Oppedisano

VP of Operations

Tara McCarthy

Real Estate Services

Ellen McCarthy

Colour Consultant

Devin Montreuil

Managing Partner

Steven McCarthy

Drone Videographer